On the Train…

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Well, this is it. We are on BART heading to SFO. Andrea and I both wish you a great Thanksgiving. Eat some turkey for us since we are skipping over it when we cross the International Date Line and land … Read More

Track our Flight in Real Time

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Kirk here again. I’m trying to find out how to embed the tracking map in this post. But I can’t get it to work just yet. Ugh. Instead, download and install Google Earth. Then download the following KML file (geH1702530.kml) … Read More

Now on Twitter!

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Anytime we write any new posts here, you’ll see it on my Twitter page too.  So follow me on Twitter to keep up-to-date on our Australian adventures. Kirk out.

Gadgets for our Australia Trip

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Kirk here. As you might, I kind of like gadgets.  Yes, I actually own that 1992 Motorola DynaTAC to the left… unfortunately, it won’t work in Australia, or anywhere for that matter. Darn! For this trip I’m bringing a few … Read More

1 Step (Day) Closer …

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It’s Tuesday. Really? Not yet Wednesday? Can’t wait ’til next week Wednesday.  But then again – not much more than a week left and I have NOT yet (1) packed, (2) started to put my stuff together, (3) or even … Read More

8 Days, 23 Hours and 37 Minutes…

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8 days, 23 hours and 37 minutes to what?  Well, Andrea and I are about to take our first big vacation together.  We’ve taken trips together; San Diego, Las Vegas, my Mom’s place for dinner.  Hey, they’re all baby steps.  … Read More

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