Happy Birthday to us!

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Yep, it’s that time of year again. And although it was my turn to spend the end of April in the UK, I convinced Sabine that this was going to be impossible .. with our birthday (well, ok, not that … Read More

Are We There Yet? …

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Not quite yet, but: Spring officially starts today (well, the weather would like to make us believe otherwise … snow on Mt. Diablo!), Summertime started a week ago (so, the clocks are all set…), but one thing is still missing … Read More

More Skiing at Heavenly

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Also the 2nd (and already last!) day of the 2010/11 skiing season took place at Heavenly @ Lake Tahoe. While the morning started out sunny, the day surely got a wee bit windy as Clae & I were flying down … Read More

A Heavenly Day for Skiing

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Day #1 of the 2010/11 ski season had to wait for late January to come around, but then the conditions were perfect: a great room at Timber Lodge, great weather & snow, and great firends to enjoy the mountain with! … Read More

The Mother Lode

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It’s been 2 weeks already! Or maybe: only!? in any way, we’re off camping again. Yep, the little Fun Finder does not get much of a break these days! Long planned this time around, the camping website “Camp California” was … Read More

Beverly Hills 90210

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What better weekend to go down to LA to visit the Austrian Consulate than over September 26, the Austrian-American Day (per President Clinton’s Proclamation 7027 from 1997!? None, so this weekend was to be it! After making good time on … Read More

Camping … Napa Valley-style

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With no plans for the upcoming weekend, it takes only a quick moment to decide what we want to do: go camping! Again! So after picking up the trailer Friday night, calling ahead to get a site, we are on … Read More

Finally … Pinecrest!

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Approximately 5 years after a day trip up to Pinecrest with Kristina and Stephanie, when we marked the “good sites” vs. the bad sites” at the Pinecrest Campground, and following many years of trying to get a reservation for a summer weekend … Read More

How Far Away to go Camping?!

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This weekend, Kirk & I explored the boundaries of camping travels … to see how SHORT the drive betwen our RV storage place and the campground can be! 7 miles is what we managed to travel! All the way from … Read More

The Annual Rollins Lake Camping Trip

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Over the 4th of July weekend 2010, the annual Rollins Lake camping trip was happening again – and this time with an (amost) even split between kids and adults: 14 vs. 16! Besides most of “the usual suspects”, this year also … Read More

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