Back from The Great Barrier Reef

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We’re beat.  Two days of sun and salt water.  I can’t get the salty taste out of my mouth and I’ve showered and brushed my teeth twice.  Anyway, we had a really great time.  I did an “introductory dive” since … Read More

A Mellow Day in Cairns

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Everybody needs a break sometimes. So Kirk’s sore throat got a break with the antibiotics and we got a break from the busy touring of the last 10 days and took it slow today. Tomorrow, we’ll be getting up & … Read More

Photo Gallery: Day 11

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With day 11 done I’m feeling much better now than when it started. Not a lot of photos for the day. But here they are. We won’t be posting a couple days since we’ll be out on the water. Expect … Read More

The Travel Clinic

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Today started off with a trip to the travel clinic downtown here in Cairns.  The doctor described  the back of my throat as “ferocious.”   He didn’t say too much otherwise and said I should be good to dive tomorrow since … Read More

Photo Gallery: Day 9

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Today’s photos in the gallery are pretty much a perfect representation of what we got to see (over and over and over again). Enjoy!


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Look left (photo)! That was our accident of the day (Day 8) – just before heading off to our 759 km drive up north! Lesson learned: when you forget to eat your ice cream after dinner and leave it in … Read More

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