Bad Internet in Tamworth

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Oh boy.  The internet connection sucks bad in this place.  We’re staying at the Comfort Inn Hallmark in Tamworth, NSW.  So no photo uploads tonight.  Actually it’s so bad, this is all I’m able to post.  Haha. Our location is … Read More

Science Experiment – Part 3

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Don’t get your hopes up just yet … I have no proof as in video, but I have seen it with my own eyes! The toilets flush CLOCKWISE in Australia!!! (Reminder: our experiment sample toilet flushed counter clockwise in California.) … Read More

Stairway to muscle ache …

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Day 3 and we are in the heart of the Blue Mountains, one of the main “attractions” of New South Wales. Just a stone throw outside of Sydney, this beautiful mountain/valley/canyon/ridge formation area is worth a trip! After picking up … Read More

Day 2 Reap …

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Food gets my brain going. That’s why we’re having breakfast while updating our posts. But sometimes, too much food just makes my brain stop. Like last night … That Kangaroo just jumped off my mixed grill plate and knocked me … Read More

Hulk Hogan Spotted!

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What are the odds? We were randomly walking through Sydney, and as we walk by the Four Seasons, cameras were flashing. We see the back of some buffed guy getting photos taken with fans. I joked that it was some … Read More

“The Key” to Sightseeing

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Staying at the Harbour Marriott at Circular Quay has one “key” advantage: step outside, and the sightseeing immediately begins! After our first lunch in Sydney’s Financial District, we spent Friday afternoon exploring “The Quay” (pronounced “kee”): strolling around the harbour, … Read More

Landed in Sydney

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Just a quick update. We landed, had a funky shuttle ride to the hotel, and have a great view of the Sydney Opera House. Now that our room is ready, we’re going to freshen up and walk those 14+ hours … Read More

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